Friday, April 22, 2011

Vampire Academy Goodies

The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead has been one of my favorite series for awhile. Some people might be getting sick of the whole vampire genre, but, really, what's to get sick of when it's done right? The VA series might be over, but, luckily, we have a spinoff series heading our way. Bloodlines is set to hit shelves August 23.

Old news out of the way, a few of my regular online hangouts have been letting me know the VA series is getting its own graphic novel. Yea baby! Since there's been not much set in stone when it comes to the development of the movie, this is a very welcome bit of news. This is one of those series that will be stunning visually whether it be on film or drawn up. I came across this picture (on Richelle's facebook page) that Arcane Vault has been working on to get released in August.

Freakin' delicious, right?

Here is the cover to the VA graphic novel.

And a wicked piece fan art for the icing on the cake..


  1. Love the cover of the graphic novel.

  2. Do you know how can i Download the VA graphic novel??