Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lookin' Forward

MTV is giving Teen Wolf a reboot. However, only thing that is similar is the title and this version is a series not a movie. This version seems darker and sexier with a nod to the Vampire Diaries style and I'm lovin' it. Only bad news is, it doesn't premier until June 5th.

A release closer by that I'm stoked for is the remake of Arthur with Russel Brand and Rachel Mirrien. I just love his mannerism and the pairing seems entertaining and endearing. Oh yes.. and I just love him.. tight trousers and all lol. It opens April 8.

Will you give either movie or show a watch?

PS .. Don't forget the fourth instalment to the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare came out this week. Can't wait to dig into that shadowhunter goodness when I've paced myself through Lover Unleashed.


  1. That Teen Wolf series looks awesome and a lot darker than the original movie. As for Arthur, definitely on my must see list. And yes this is Roger since I can't seem to post a comment any other way than anonymous.

  2. The name/URL option doesn't work either? I have the options set so anyone can comment.. but i guess blogger is fussy. If it gives you more trouble a google account won't hurt :P