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Lover Unleashed By J.R. Ward Review

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9)Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

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._._Epic Sexual Healing_._.

**In this review, some small spoilers may occur along with some offensive language if you haven‘t ventured into the BDB world**

Lover Unleashed is the 9th book of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This one is focused on Payne and Manny, and simultaneously gives us the much needed fix of lady wood given by the smokin’ hot members of the Brotherhood.

Payne is twin sister to Vishous. Not only do they share the same, most unlikely, parents, they share a dark side and the tormented feeling of never fitting in to any of the vampire worlds. While Vishous and Payne have an instant bond over the fucked-upness of their long lives, they also butt heads when things get tough right off the bat. Payne gets a paralyzing injury which brings the brilliant surgeon, Dr. Manual Manello, back into the BDB world. Payne and Manny have a case of love and lust at first sight. Vishous immediately gets into his balls to the walls mood feeling overprotective. First off with how his Jane idolizes his mad surgeon skills and, secondly, paralyzed Payne wanting use of her legs back just so she can jump the handsome healer. While V deals with his worsening issues that he never healed from in his book, Payne gets an unexpected method of healing from Manny allowing her to walk again and pulling her from her stuck in a dark pit hopeless mood. For once in her life, Payne gets her first glimpse of happiness, but it doesn’t come easy. Manny can’t help falling just as hard as Payne does, but he feels his own kind of emptiness and misery. knowing that he’ll just be discarded when Payne is fully out of the paralyzed woods. Payne and her Healer go through smoldering and complicated rough patches giving us BDB readers that much needed heated encounters and soulful longing.

Even though the spotlight is mostly on Payne and Manny’s healing lovefest, we get a deeper glimpse into the mind of my favorite brother, V. And where there’s V there’s Butch. Their interactions, even through intense scenes, are entertaining and hot. We also get some peaks at what’s doin’ with Qhuinn and the self implicated mind fuck he’s got himself running on since he rejected Blay out of fear. Back to our lead, Payne has a past enemy from the Old Country coming back in the picture. The Old Country band of bastards leak some new kind of badass sexyness that is entirely different from our much loved Brothers. Their agenda is about to turn the BDB world upside down.

Lover Unleashed was a great addition to the BDB world. It definitely has its own new flavor given the focus is on a strong, lethal and sexy female lead. The female version of V? Hell yes, it’s almost too much sexy in one gene pool. I only wish there was more of her in the book than there was. I could have done without the Jose de la Cruz stuff, but I know it serves its purpose in future books. Payne and her healer’s love affair is an intense and captivating one, just like all the other BDB couples. Payne on her own has some killer lines. One of my favorite lines of the book, delivered to Vishous was… “Yes, I am in love with him. And if you try to dissuade me by the fact that I have not lived yet enough to judge, I say unto you… fuck off. I need not know the world to realize my heart’s desire.” Let me tell ya, a woman who says “unto” and “fuck off” in the same sentence is perfection to me. Definitely a girl I want to kick it with. Last but not least, L.U. is filled with that primal grunted word that we can’t get enough of.. “Mine” and now we can add the way Payne huskily says “Healer” to that list if sexy words. Tooo hot. Loved this book as much as I loved the rest of them and Payne is by far my favorite female in the incredible world of BDB.

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  1. Excellent review Stef. Such a great series.

  2. Thanks Roger :)There's some interesting newbies in this one.