Saturday, May 14, 2011

What up wit dat?

I'm a pretty avid Idol watcher, and I had higher hopes for this season since it was their "reboot." Guess we all forgot a big chunk of Idol voters were also going nutzo for hair flippin' Bieber. So I shouldn't have been surprised when the deserving winner, James Durbin, got the boot this past week. Whether people liked his singing or not, it seemed like he was going to take it all the way. And I know people all have different taste but this outcome is kinda ridiculous. Now I'm rooting for Haley to pull through to finals (and pretty much flip off all the people raggin' on her confidence, mistaking it for arrogance and, well, not to mention her sexy ass), otherwise, it'll be the most boring finale. The decision will come down to.. umm mediocre country chick or semi-creepy country dude? Yeah I could care less now. The only way Idol might be fixed into something that doesn't make you want to slam your head into a wall repeatedly, is to put a limit on voting per phone/account. But I doubt that'll happen. They're too happy saying they get 77 million votes (which mostly comes from only a couple hundred OCD inflicted teenage girls. Who knows.. maybe The Voice and the upcoming X Factor will put Idol to rest.

Haley's performance from last week... House of the Rising Sun. (I've always loved the song, but her cover was pretty impressive too)


  1. Awesome cover of an old Animals song. While I still love Eric Burdon's rendition, I must admit she does a excellent job and makes the song her own.

  2. Agreed. She's good at making songs her own. I kinda like that she doesn't remind me of any other artists from these days.

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